October 1 2016
National Cannabis Expert Summit
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

On October 1st, NCSA Executive Director Mr. Ted Daniels will be a keynote speaker at the National Cannabis Expert Summit.  Mr. Daniels is the Country's premier expert on Cannabis Security and will be speaking on the unique challenge of security in this industry
November 16-18 2016
Cannabis Summit
Las Vegas, Nevada
In November, NCSA Executive Director will be in Las Vegas Nevada at the MJ Biz Cannabis Expo.  He will be with Chris Hinnershitz of Integrated Security Systems.  
December 6-8 2016
Cannabis Security Certification Course
Oxford, Pa
This extensive CannabisSecurity Officer Training & Certification Course  will be a total of 32 hours and will be held at The Barn in Oxford Pa.  The cost of this Course is $800 and will be limited to 10 students.  Contact us to register.